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East Meets West 2.0
I am delighted to announce I have been selected for East Meets West 2.0, which is hosted by QUAD, FORMAT (Derby) and GRAIN Projects (Birmingham). They did an Open Call for artists and filmmakers based in the East or West Midlands, for works that broadly relate to the theme of leisure. The project will be at 
The Waterhall, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, from 6th Oct 2016 - 
6th Jan 2017. It has toured from QUAD, Derby (2nd July - 4th September). 
Raw Footage was submitted to the project, as I could see the relationship the piece has with the term 'leisure'; particularly tourism. The tourism boom of the 70s is widely recognized as shaping the Kenya we see today, and comments on the social trend of 'the popular holiday destination', as Kenya, more specificially, Nairobi (where parts of Raw Footage were filmed) was in the 1970-80s. 
The notion of our tastes, values and aspirations being dictated by consumerism is something that has been of growing interest to me. Candice Jacobs' piece within Doug Fishbone's Leisure Land Golf at NAE Nottingham, starts to amplify this by combining the imagery of the holiday and popular TV gameshow. 
Sunscreen, also created by Jacobs, is an online project of 40 downloadable screensavers made by artists, which visitors to the website can download for free (sun-screen.uk). The screensaver is the line between work and leisure; with each of the artists participating having a link to the East Midlands region.